How HS is Funded?

The Help Steps (HS) is funded through a variety of sources. One source is through in-app advertisements, where users are able to watch ads in exchange for HS. These ads are displayed in various screens throughout the app and provide a stream of revenue for the HelpSteps app.
Sponsorships with brands and projects are another way that the HS is funded. By partnering with companies and organizations, the Help Steps app is able to secure additional funding for the app. These sponsorships can take the form of financial contributions or the provision of goods or services.
In-app purchases and the HS Premium program are additional sources of funding for the HS. Users are able to purchase HS directly through the app, which provides a direct source of revenue. The HS Premium program offers users exclusive benefits in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, which also contributes to the funding of the market. Finally, the HS itself creates additional revenue through HS/HSX burns, where a portion of the HS and HSX in circulation is permanently removed from circulation, thereby increasing the value of the remaining HS and HSX.