In the HelpSteps app, users have the opportunity to earn additional HS by completing surveys from participating companies. These surveys provide valuable data and insights to the companies, while also providing users with the opportunity to earn more HS and support their preferred causes. By filling out surveys, users can help shape the products and services of the future while also making a positive impact through their HS donations.

In addition to earning HS, users also have the option to donate their survey earnings directly to charitable causes. This allows users to make a tangible difference in the world through their survey participation, while also supporting the organizations and causes they care about.

The survey feature in the HelpSteps app is a win-win for both users and participating companies. Users can earn more HS and make a positive impact, while companies can gather valuable data and insights to inform their business decisions. It's a simple and convenient way for everyone to make a difference and contribute to the greater good.

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