Project Team

Gözde Venedik, CEO: She published 2 scientific articles in local and global publications. She has participated in various domestic and international congresses and exhibitions with his technical studies. Being a "Deal Maker" is her area of expertise. She stepped into social entrepreneurship, which was his dream, by establishing a software and project company by completely changing his career and profession. She is the founder and CEO of Help Steps, the company's first product.
Kamil Özörnek, General Manager: After completing his MBA in the USA, he worked as a senior executive in many different sectors. He has also taken his place in the startup ecosystem with his own investments. In 1999, Kamil stepped into the startup ecosystem as the Co-Founder and General Manager of sahibinden.com (One of Turkey's largest startups, company valuation exceeds 5 billion dollars). In 2009, he co-founded a marketplace startup in Los Angeles, USA for 3 years and then co-founded a Seattle-based programmatic job advertising startup in 2017. He is the general manager of Help Steps project.
Fikri Murat Bumin Nar, CTO: He worked on advanced programming modules. He has specialized in Microsoft technologies since 2009, mobile application technologies since 2013.
Ertan Can Yazıcı, Board Member: He is one of the managers of the Impacters Club investment group based in Switzerland. He is known for his global sports & technology investments. Sports clubs have good relations with the investment sector. Also, he led the company's latest equity investment round. He is a board member of Help Steps project.