How Does FanSteps Work?

Allocating Your Steps

With FanSteps, your steps are no longer just a measure of your activity; they become a source of power. You can allocate your earned HelpSteps (HS) to specific fan tokens or sports clubs within the HelpSteps app. This action directly supports your chosen entities, contributing to their financial strength.

Revenue Generation

Here's where the magic happens. The revenue generated from FanSteps contributions is strategically pooled and utilized to buy back fan tokens in the market. This process enhances the value of fan tokens, ensuring that fans are not just spectators but active participants in the financial success of their beloved sports clubs or idols.

Token Allocation and Impact

The more HS you allocate to a fan token or sports club, the greater your impact. Your allocation doesn't just signify your support; it influences the financial strength and influence of the entities you're passionate about.

Rewarding Fandom

FanSteps goes beyond traditional fandom by rewarding your loyalty. By actively contributing through your steps, you can earn exclusive rewards, gain access to premium content, and enjoy a deeper connection with your favorite entities.

Transparency and Trust

FanSteps operates transparently, with users being able to track the impact of their contributions. This transparency builds trust, ensuring that your steps are making a real difference.

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