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Below are the first 30 badges that will be available upon the launch of the app;

  1. Million Help Badge (convert 1,000,000 steps to HelpSteps)

  2. Step Streak Badge (complete a streak of daily steps)

  3. Community Champion Badge (donate 1,000,000 HS to a local organization)

  4. Fitness Fanatic Badge (complete 1,000,000 steps in a month)

  5. First Timer Badge (complete a new challenge for the first time)

  6. Leader of the Pack Badge (invite 10 friends to join HelpSteps)

  7. Go Green Badge (plant 1,000 trees)

  8. Animal Advocate Badge (support animal welfare causes with 500,000 HS)

  9. Step Master Badge (reach the top 1% of users in terms of steps taken)

  10. Step Leader Badge (reach the top 50% of users in terms of steps taken)

  11. Step Squad Badge (form a team and complete a collective step goal, such as walking 1,000,000 steps in a week)

  12. Step Savvy Badge (reach the top 10% of users in terms of steps taken)

  13. Charity Champion Badge (support 10 different charitable causes with HS)

  14. Step Challenge Badge (complete a step-based challenge)

  15. Step Star Badge (reach the top 75% of users in terms of steps taken)

  16. Step Goalie Badge (achieve a step goal every week for 4 weeks in a row)

  17. Step Marathoner Badge (complete 1,000,000 steps in a week)

  18. Step Ultra Marathoner Badge (complete 2,000,000 steps in a week)

  19. Step Adventurer Badge (try a new outdoor activity, such as hiking or rock climbing)

  20. Step Explorer Badge (complete a step-based adventure, such as a virtual tour or treasure hunt)

  21. Step Road Warrior Badge (complete 500,000 steps in a week)

  22. Step Track Star Badge (complete a step-based track event, such as a virtual 5K or 10K race)

  23. Step Hiker Badge (complete a step-based hike, such as a virtual mountain climb or trail trek)

  24. Step Tourist Badge (complete a step-based tour, such as a virtual city walk or museum visit)

  25. Step Fitness Pro Badge (complete 500,000 steps in a month)

  26. Step Fitness Champ Badge (complete 250,000 steps in a month)

  27. Step Fitness Fan Badge (complete 100,000 steps in a week)

  28. Step Fitness Newbie Badge (complete 10,000 steps in a day)

  29. Step Fitness Rookie Badge (complete 25,000 steps in a week)

  30. Step Fitness Veteran Badge (complete 50,000 steps in a week)

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