Introducing FanSteps: Elevate Your Fandom
In addition to these remarkable features, HelpSteps is proud to introduce FanSteps, an innovative module designed for sports enthusiasts and fans worldwide. With FanSteps, the power of your steps becomes intertwined with your passion for sports and entertainment.
How FanSteps Works:
  • Align with Fan Tokens: FanSteps allows you to allocate your earned HS to your favorite fan tokens or sports clubs. Your steps become a driving force behind your fandom, actively contributing to the success of your beloved teams or idols.
  • Revenue for Fan Tokens: Periodically, the revenue generated from FanSteps contributions is strategically used to buy back fan tokens. This not only enhances the value of the tokens but also ensures that fans are directly involved in the financial success of their chosen entities.
FanSteps represents a fusion of sportsmanship, fandom, and the power of giving, all within the HelpSteps ecosystem. It's the next level of engagement for fans who want to make their steps count and their passions thrive.